A new chapter

2014 marked a milestone or two …

May 1 was the fifth anniversary of my life on the road, a journey that has delivered many highlights and a few major frustrations, and helped me embrace a simpler lifestyle.

On May 8 I turned 70, celebrating a longer journey full of adventure and chaos.

It was also a time for reflection and this Journal of Discovery is going to be the vehicle.

When I first hit the road in 2009 I started a blog, now defunct, that attempted to chronicle my travels. It had its moments, but soon became a nagging millstone as I slowly realised this journey was not one of recording day-to-day miscellany but of discovery, and a time to remember and celebrate a lifetime of adventure around the world.

Hot air balloons prepare for flight as early morning fog begins to liftNikon F3 24mm
Hot air balloons prepare for flight as early morning fog begins to lift at Canowindra, NSW
Nikon F3 24mm

A time to delve into my photographic archives (especially the 90,000 colour slides sitting in filing cabinets at a friend's house in Hobart), and a time to sift through the countless thousands of words written for newspapers, magazines and my books, and find the odd gem worth sharing.

This journal of discovery, and rediscovery, promises to be an eclectic journey. Welcome aboard.

Food for thought

An assignment to be relished.

The brief from Gourmet Australia magazine: There’s a new Japanese restaurant in town that claims to make the best sushi in Sydney. Get the proof.

The result is shown above. Photographs were taken and then the reporter and I were offered the plate to consume … all that was left were the little decorative green plastic leaves.

Sadly that particular Japanese restaurant is no more, but the quest for the best sushi in Australia continues, hopefully one day I’ll find a platter as well presented and tasty again.