Photograph: Annie Lindsay
Allan Moult is a writer, photographer, web site developer, blogger and adventurer.

Ghostgum: A journal of discovery is a space for him to record his ongoing adventures.

His web clients keep in touch by email and Skype and are mainly based in Tasmania and its North Island — Australia.

He has a number of clients who live in rural Tasmania, and they were first in line for a visit from ‘the bus’ which seems to have accepted the Madam Plush moniker given her by friends.

The photograph of the ancient ghostgum was taken at Hancock Gorge in the Karijini National Park, Western Australia. It is one of the oldest landscapes on the planet. Some rock here has been carbon dated and found to be 2.5 million years old.

The ghostgum itself has obviously had a hard life with a tenuous grip on the cliff face, and has survived having a major branch killed, possibly by lightning.

It inspires me and helps me keep on going on despite the usual ailments of age. And, as an elderly friend of mine is fond of saying, if you keep your mind going, nothing else really matters.

Ghostgum will have more eclectic content than the average road trip journal. Fasten your seatbelts.

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  1. Great information on Karijini Gorge. I too loved the gorge, it felt such an ancient structure. I liked the philosophy of your site too. Look forward to read more.

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