Self-sufficiency on the road

Because of her bulbous ‘penthouse’, Madam Plush[1] called for an unusual solar installation, and six years’ later the combination of flat and angled panels has proved a winner. The combined 420W solar setup keeps the free power surging in, even on the dullest days. The solar setup 1 x Morningstar PS30M 30A regulator 1 x … Continue reading Self-sufficiency on the road

Amazonian headhunters and musical mayhem

Camped at New Norfolk, Tasmania, last summer I was surrounded by backpacking fruit-pickers in their tents and whizbangs (Kombi-type vehicles with very noisy sliding doors). They’d be off early each morning and arrive back exhausted about mid- to late-afternoon. An hour or two of online activity, a quick meal, and off to bed they’d go. … Continue reading Amazonian headhunters and musical mayhem

Travelling reality

“He who would travel happily must travel light.” Antoine de Saint Exupéry When I began this full-time nomadic journey more than five years ago, I was perhaps, like most neophytes, obsessed with having the ‘right stuff’ and the early versions of this site reflected that. Now, the time has come for a literal spring clean. … Continue reading Travelling reality