sushi platter

Food for thought

An assignment to be relished.

The brief from Gourmet Australia magazine: There’s a new Japanese restaurant in town that claims to make the best sushi in Sydney. Get the proof.

The result is shown above. Photographs were taken and then the reporter and I were offered the plate to consume … all that was left were the little decorative green plastic leaves.

Sadly that particular Japanese restaurant is no more, but the quest for the best sushi in Australia continues, hopefully one day I’ll find a platter as well presented and tasty again.

One thought on “Food for thought”

  1. Gday Chief, just was talking about you and thought I would do a ‘google’ b). I hope this finds you well and know that you are thought of always in gentlemanly regards. Happy Trails from Tassie and Bruce and Carolyn Davis

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