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Travelling reality

“He who would travel happily must travel light.”
Antoine de Saint Exupéry

When I began this full-time nomadic journey more than five years ago, I was perhaps, like most neophytes, obsessed with having the ‘right stuff’ and the early versions of this site reflected that. Now, the time has come for a literal spring clean. Over the past 18 months lots of ‘stuff’ has already been discarded, much of it collected and purchased in the year before the full-time journey began in 2009 as I frequented various forums and web sites while waiting for takeoff.

In the process, while still being anchored to my city dwelling, I bought ‘essential stuff’ for the journey ahead. Stuff I was sure I would need to make life on the road comfortable.

Oh dear, what a waste of time and money. These days, when I’m asked for advice from would-be full timers I tell them to pack some basic supplies — bedding, clothes, food and wine — and simply get moving, and buy what they really need along the way.

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