Morning mist on the Gwydir River near Bingara, NSW

Morning mist

On my travels I have a predilection for water views — lakes, rivers, billabongs, oceans or vibrant mountain streams.

The Gwydir River, east of Bingara, offered just that and I settled in for a couple of weeks of overdue work and bus maintenance (although housework might be a more accurate description).

There I soon embraced a new ritual of waiting for the dawn’s rays to hit the top of a nearby small tree to signal time to open the curtains and let me bask in sunlight until warm enough to start the day. An occasional light frost made it even more endearing.

Beautiful warm days followed and the cool to cold nights were a welcome contrast.

Daily rituals

My neighbours were experienced travellers, long retired and enjoying life on the road to the fullest. Experts at setting up camp for simple comforts, and enjoying the daily rituals of collecting firewood, checking the fishing lines, or simply enjoying the views.

A cold beer and a yarn at the end of the day did not go astray either.

‘Home Sweet Home’ on the banks of the Gwydir River

I would have loved to linger longer, but I was being called south by the slowing warming days and the threat of heavy storms coming from the north.

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